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Delphi 5 -- INDY does not install?
Thanks, I was a bit overwhelmed switching from ICS to Indy and assumed Indy was also a VCL component library. I'm still not used to working with objects that are strictly classes as this is a higher technical level of Delphi.

Here's what happened.  Since I thought these were VCL components, I started looking for installation instructions.  The main page had no obvious links for installation. I saw the documentation but since it was a 20 MB zipped PDF I tried seeing if there were already simple install instructions on the Web.  There were, on indyproject's site, this help guide. It said I could either use FULLD#.BAT (there were no such batch files) or I could install IndySystemX0.dpk, etc, in order, where X0 is the product version.  Those files are there. Delphi 5 is VER130 according to this guide, so it seemed certain I needed to be compiling IndySystem130.dpk.

I'm a bit rough around the edges with applying object oriented programming principles in Delphi, so this is why I've been a bit lost with Indy.

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RE: Delphi 5 -- INDY does not install? - by Mark Tettnanger - 02-23-2019, 02:37 AM

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