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Delphi 5 -- INDY does not install?
(02-22-2019, 12:52 AM)Mark Tettnanger Wrote: Brand new out-of-the-box Windows 7 plus Delphi 5.  Tried installing Indy (130) as given in the step by step checklist.

What checklist are you referring to?

The ...130 packages are not the correct packages to use for Delphi 5 (where did you get that idea from?). For Delphi 5, you need to use the ...50 packages instead. Indy's package names are based on the compiler's package version (yes, I'm aware that {$LIBSUFFIX} and {$LIBVERSION} should be used instead - that will be addressed in Indy 11). In fact, because of this, the ...130 packages are not to be used at all (Indy's installation instructions even say so!), it was a mistake for them to have been created in the first place as Delphi 2009 has a package version of 120 whereas Delphi 2010 has a package version of 140. Embarcadero skipped 130 (superstitious?).

Also, note that Delphi 5 has a number of compiler bugs that affect Indy, so contact me privately for updated files that are specific to Delphi 5 (they are not checked in to Indy's VCS systems).

(02-22-2019, 12:52 AM)Mark Tettnanger Wrote: Cannot even get past the first step for compiling Indy System components because I'm getting an RTL package not found error when compiling.

Can't find any RTL in my Delphi installation except under \lib\source.

Because there is no "RTL" package in Delphi 5. You are compiling the wrong packages.


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