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(04-13-2018, 03:52 PM)EitanArbel Wrote: what if you "redirect" the user to a specific HTML response page ?
you can create it on-the-fly with a desired content (with what you want to tell the user).

When Daniel posted I tried to look into some of that as well.  He didn't say, but I assume he is trying to decrease the weight of his inbound filters to avoid creating a session at all, instead of killing the session when found to be unnecessary.  Good plan.

When I started digging around in the existing redirect code (what I found in a quick look anyway), it lived in the session object... which won't be there.  I poked on it anyway and, as expected, it failed.  There may be other options I don't know about.  Most likely Daniel already tried those things but I thought I might accidentally learn something by looking.


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