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(11-23-2018, 12:51 PM)jobarb Wrote: I am getting this message  Angry  "TGlyphBitmap :Unsupported Resourcetype: XPM Resource Name: DIS_ARROWRIGHT" when trying to set SASLMEchanisms on the idSMTP component in Lazarus

That can happen only when invoking the popup editor for the SASLMechanisms property itself, and its image resources cannot be found. It should not happen when using the Object Inspector to manipulate the items of the SASLMechanisms collection.

DIS_ARROWRIGHT is an image resource that Indy's popup editor Form does use (see TfrmSASLListEditorVCL.FormCreate() and TfrmSASLListEditorVCL.actAddUpdate() in Indy's IdDsnSASLListEditorFormVCL.pas unit - the actual image resource is defined in IdDsnSASLListEditorFormVCL.lrs using LazarusResources.Add()). Perhaps you are not linking to the .lrs file correctly when compiling Indy? I don't know, I'm not familiar with how resources work in Lazarus. I didn't write that portion of code for Indy.


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