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trying to purchase IW, coupon code doesn't work
Im trying to purchase IW Ultimate, single developer.  (nominal price of 399 euro)
I login to the purchase point application, try to purchase the IW Ultimate single developer, but when I enter the coupon code that I received via email from AtoZed, it tells me invalid coupon.  Tried it several times, same results.

The email from AtoZed says:
Coupon Expiry Date: Nov.18.2018
...and right now its still Nov 17th here in the USA.

I'd like to make this purchase, but I'd like the discount offered in the email, with the coupon code.
Is this possible?
Chisolm Wilson

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trying to purchase IW, coupon code doesn't work - by chiswilson - 11-17-2018, 05:16 PM

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