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IdUDPServer issue
I use an IdUDPServer to open multiple Ports like this:
IdUDPServer1.Active := false;

Socket1 := IdUDPServer1.Bindings.Add;
     Socket1.IPVersion := Id_IPv4;
     Socket1.IP := HyteraSettings.TCPLocalIP;
     Socket1.Port := HyteraSettings.RRSPort; // RRS PORT

     if HyteraSettings.Debug then LocalLog('UDPServer Bindings.Add: '+HyteraSettings.TCPLocalIP+' Port '+IntToStr(HyteraSettings.GPSPort));
     Socket1 := IdUDPServer1.Bindings.Add;
     Socket1.IPVersion := Id_IPv4;
     Socket1.IP := HyteraSettings.TCPLocalIP;
     Socket1.Port := HyteraSettings.GPSPort; // GPS PORT
Then I set Active to TRUE.

Afterwards I got an exception caused by the other side: , UDPServer Exception: Socket Error # 10054Connection reset by peer.
I then call IdUDPServer1.Active := false; and I completely FreeAndNil it.

Then the loop starts again from fresh, with a newly created UDPServer.
However, now I get the Exception: Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use

Why does this happen? Should I somehow manually clear the sockets before setting the Active to False?

Bart Kindt
CEO and Developer
SARTrack Limited
New Zealand

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