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Issue with nested frames in IW15
We have discovered an issue in one of our web applications that slipped through our initial tests when migrating from IW 14.2 to IW 15. When you have a frame inside another frame, it seems like the HTML naming convention in IW15 has changed so that a control from the innermost frame gets its full HTML name from the outermost frame + the control name (rather than from the innermost frame + the control name). In most cases this does not matter, but we have a frame (call it ParentFrame) which contains two instances of another frame (call them ChildFrame1 and ChildFrame2). The problem is that the two child frames contains controls (an edit and two links in each) that will end up with identical HTML names, which has the effect that the link OnClick event handlers only work in one of the child frames. Any ideas on how to solve my problem? I cannot change the HTMLName property as it is read-only. Just for testing, I experimented with changing the control names in ChildFrame2 at runtime (although I know there are strong warnings against doing this in Delphi), and while I could get the link OnClick handlers to trigger this way, the text from the edit control is not properly extracted.

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