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OpenSSL binaries for Linux needed or not?
I decided to move .htpasswd out of the 3 demo directories on the webserver and place them in a single directory elsewhere. To differentiate between them I added a name to make the file like ei1d.htpasswd.
Then I had to modify the 3 .htaccess files in those directories to point authentication to the moved and renamed files.
This makes sense anyways because it seems like a security breach to have the auth files inside the protected directory...

Now the files are visible both in WS_FTP95 and FileZilla and my program has no problems dealing with the files either.
Now I am almost done, only fine tuning with different kinds of data thrown at it.
Thanks for your insight!

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RE: OpenSSL binaries for Linux needed or not? - by BosseB - 10-25-2018, 09:29 PM

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