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OpenSSL binaries for Linux needed or not?
I have a Delphi console project I am porting to Linux using FreePascal 3.0.4  and Lazarus 1.8.4.
It uses Indy10 email and FTP components with OpenSSL.

The port is towards Ubuntu Linux on x86_64. So it is now a 64 bit program.

I installed the IndyLaz package for Indy10 via OnlinePackageManager in Lazarus and it seems like it accepts all of my Indy calls during compile.
But this Delphi project relied on two dlls (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll) for SSL to operate on Windows.
Do I need to put some corresponding Linux binaries into my project directory and if so where can I get them?
Or is the fact that I installed OpenSSL into Ubuntu enough for Indy10 to be able to use SSL?

I have not yet reached the point where I can test run the application since it needs specific email data to work from.

EDIT after being able to test run application

It turns out that the SSL connection apparently needs something extra in Linux...
I am getting the following exception when connecting to the mail server to retrieve email using POP3:

[Image: SSL_FileNotFound.png]

Followed by this when I click No twice:

[Image: SSL_Error_Linux.png]

This happens in this code section:

      IdGetMail.Connect; // This is an IdPop3 object. Exception thrown here
      MailCnt := IdGetMail.CheckMessages;
      if MailCnt = 0 then    {Nothing to process}

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