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Bootstrap 4 Progress
(10-17-2018, 05:43 PM)LorenSzendre Wrote:
(10-17-2018, 05:27 PM)ShaneStump Wrote:
(10-17-2018, 11:39 AM)LorenSzendre Wrote: Cards are finished. Had to add 8 new region types to make all the magic work!

Also finished component badges. Component badges were created because of the deep nesting of divs and other tags that is needed by Bootstrap. They are a little "in your face", so I'll probably have an option to disable them. But I have already gotten used to them.

I have included an image of the design-time IntraWeb page as well as the output, so you can see both badges and cards.


Howdy Loren!

Remember if you add the calendar / carousel / sidebar, I will donate another $200 for your efforts. While I know my little bit of $ doesn't cover your efforts, I really do appreciate your working on this.

All the best,


I really appreciate your support! It takes a lot of time to develop these components properly, and handle all the complexities of Bootstrap 4. The worst part is the time it takes away from projects.

But these components are important, because it allows you to easily create "factories" or "page producers" that combine these basic building blocks into very useful page sections -- and to have your code be very maintainable.

You can do Bootstrap 4 without these components, but then you have to implement OnHTMLTag for every TIWRegion you put on your form to change the tag to what it needs to be, and then you have to bury your classes and styles in the Css and Style properties. It makes it a nightmare for code maintenance.

Whereas if you are creating these components on the fly, and setting a couple of key properties -- it makes the code very maintainable. And the badges on the components also enhance the maintainability.

As for your Carousel and Sidebar -- it will be in the basic components.

But I think I'll make an AddOn Pack with a complex grid with sorting/filtering/pagination, and a calendar.

Well, put me down as the first purchaser of the LSIWBS 4.x add-on pack  Big Grin Big Grin ! 

All the best,


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