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Compression problems
I need to compress-decompress streams just before Indy transmits them.

There is a reason I want to do this manually, instead of using the Indy IdCompressionIntercept, but I still use the Indy functions:

CompressStreamEx(InStream, OutStream, clMax, zsGZip);
DecompressStream(InStream, OutStream);.

The problem is, the compression works perfectly, and I can save the Stream to disk, and a 3th party unzip program correctly detect the zip format, and can decompress it.

But when I call DecompressStream(InStream, OutStream), I get a "ZLib Error (-5)" in


class procedure EZlibError.RaiseException(const AError: Integer);
  LException: EZlibError;
  LException := CreateFmt(sZLibError, [AError]);
  LException.FErrorCode := AError;
  raise LException;

I tried 3 different IdZLibHeaders but no difference.
I cannot find any documentation on the error, and it also does not show where it actually occurs.

Why is the Decompression not working?

Delphy 10.2.3

Bart Kindt
CEO and Developer
SARTrack Limited
New Zealand

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