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(10-12-2018, 01:57 AM)rhcarpenter Wrote: I upgraded from the version of Indy that came bundled with XE5.  

ConnectTimeout was NOT exposed yet in TIdFTP in that version of Indy (revision 5040), it was added later in revision 5240 (closer to XE8). So it sounds like you still have old files in your system that the compiler is picking up instead of the newer files.

(10-12-2018, 01:57 AM)rhcarpenter Wrote: is the version presented when I click on About Internet Direct on any Indy component in the object inspector.  I downloaded revision 5477.

Where did you download it from? Did you download it directly from SVN? If so, the actual revision number is not stored in Indy's resources by default, but if you are downloading using TortoiseSVN, there are hooks available to add the revision number to the resources before you compile Indy.  This is mentioned in the Indy Via SVN documentation that the installation notes link to.

Quote:For Indy 10: if you use Tortoise as your SVN client, there are StoreRevNum.bat and StoreRevNumHooks.bat scripts in the root \Lib folder which can be used to update and various .rc files with the current SVN revision number prior to compiling. StoreRevNum.bat invokes Tortoise's command-line SubWCRev.exe utility and thus can be run at any time, whereas is meant to be used only with Tortoise's Post-Commit and Post-Update hooks. Before either .bat file can be used, you need to manually edit the .bat files and update the IndyLib environment variable to point at the path to the working copy of your local Indy 10 \Lib source folder.

The nightly zipped snapshot for Indy 10 already has the SVN revision number applied to its files.


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