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Adding SSL/TLS to SMTP Email Sending
(09-14-2018, 07:54 AM)paulcoshott Wrote: I've done what you've instructed and I'm getting an error which seems to be based on the SSLVersions value I am choosing.

See below.

(09-14-2018, 07:54 AM)paulcoshott Wrote: I downloaded libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll from
I wasn't sure which version to download, so I just went for the latest 32bit one. File name :

That is fine.

(09-14-2018, 07:54 AM)paulcoshott Wrote: Indy version

That is a pretty old version of Indy. The current version is

(09-14-2018, 07:54 AM)paulcoshott Wrote: Using Port 465
TIdSMTP.UseTLS = utUseImplicitTLS

Are you SURE the Port property is actually 465 when you call TIdSMTP.Connect()? Note that setting the UseTLS property *may* change the Port property! So double-check that. A port mismatch could easily cause the problem you are seeing. Also double-check with a packet sniffer like Wireshark that you are actually receiving a valid SSL/TLS response from the server, and not an unencrypted SMTP greeting instead.

(09-14-2018, 07:54 AM)paulcoshott Wrote: I can't make a connection with version 2.

Correct, because SSL 2.0 is old, unsecure, and no longer enabled by default in OpenSSL. SSL 3.0 is on its way out too. You shouldn't be using anything less than TLS 1.0 at all nowadays (and even that is starting to be phased out of many servers now).

(09-14-2018, 07:54 AM)paulcoshott Wrote: All other versions connect and authorisation is successful, but can't send an email, due to above error.

I doubt that, considering that you are trying to use *implicit* TLS, which means OpenSSL has to successfully handshake with the server before anything SMTP-related can be used at all, so there is no opportunity for you to authenticate with the server if TLS fails.


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