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Conversion table Delphi to Intraweb components
Thank you Kudzu I bought Mida before and used it for some time . However the codes I am doing use also Bootstrap. I tried to use my previous bought Mida and could not do it.
In the last years in most of the times it was easier to develop a simpler tool by myself than to buy tools that are good but take a long time to understand them. I bought Mida, I bought MyDac and some others and at the end I did not use them.
The only one which worked well for me was Intraweb but using it with Bootstrap and Delphi but not alone. I did a course on this that worked. This was a good investment.
By the way , one hour ago I found in this site what I was looking for . The table is alost ready.Thank you again

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RE: Conversion table Delphi to Intraweb components - by SergioFeitoza - 09-10-2018, 10:42 PM

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