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*** NEW Delphi Forum now available!
(09-05-2018, 02:25 PM)kudzu Wrote: It even running the same software as us. Smile I'm with Remy.... we already have Delphi forums here and we can split them, but haven't because of lack of traffic.

The lack of traffic is because not many people know about it.
Most people are in fact on the Embarcadero 'replacement' forums, which has only one forum, and it is nearly impossible to find anything there, not even my own posts.

Anyway, I have put the system in place, yes without NNTP, but still a one-to-one replacement of the original forum.
So if I have problems with Android I use that forum...

I simply do not believe that anything will happen with a new Embarcadero forum. It took me only a few hours work to set this up. We are already waiting for months, and nothing happens.

Bart Kindt
CEO and Developer
SARTrack Limited
New Zealand

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