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*** NEW Delphi Forum now available!
All Delphi users:

After Embarcadero's Forum became unavailable, we have been waiting for a long time for them to come up with a replacement.
As nothing has happened, and we where stuck with this bad pre-historic 'forum' I have decided to start a complete replacement Delphi Forum, which uses the same layout as the now defunct (which fortunately can still be read, but cannot be posted to).

All developers who previously used the original Embarcadero forum, please *Spread The Word* that a full replacement is now available.

This Forum website is here to STAY and I will keep paying the bills for it.

The Forum runs on a Linux Debian based VPS with a MariaDB (MySQL) back-end, located at a major site in the Netherlands.

Note the correct URL:, NOT delphiforum[s].net which is a domain stolen by to make money out of.

*Spread The Word*


Bart Kindt
CEO and Developer, SARTrack Limited
Bart Kindt
CEO and Developer
SARTrack Limited
New Zealand

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*** NEW Delphi Forum now available! - by BartKindt - 09-05-2018, 01:05 AM

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