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I suggest you turn on dev tools network tab in your browser and check all requests going to your server. A particular session can only process one request at a time. Please notice that not all requests require session locking (everything which is static shouldn't require, like images, CSS files, JavaScript files - both internal to IW and external) unless there is a problem in the method call. Everything which calls an event handler (e.g. OnAsyncClick, OnChange, etc) requires session locking.

So if RequestA goes to the server and requires session locking (e.g. it triggers OnAsyncClick event), the session will be locked for the duration of RequestA processing. If during that time your some JavaScript code posts another request, say RequestB, which also requires locking, there might be problems if RequestA takes too long. Typical calls are processed very quickly and this might never be a problem. But let's say that RequestA generates a huge report on the server side which takes more than the LockSessionTimout time, then it might fail.

You have 2 options: Increate LockSessionTimeout time or (the preferred) understand and possibly avoid why your browser is posting 2 requests in parallel to your application. This shouldn't happen under normal circumstances (except, as I mentioned, request for static files like CSS and JS).

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