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Is it possible to use Session without cookie-ip base?
Hi everyonce,

I have an applications constructed above IdCustomHTTPServer that controls the access with sessions.
But some internet operatitors, mainly mobile (in Brazil), uses at the same request of page many IP's, that ocasion the issue of lose sessions while using the system.

When i search the create session methods of IdCustomHTTPServer i found this:

function TIdHTTPDefaultSessionList.CreateUniqueSession(
 const RemoteIP: String): TIdHTTPSession;
 SessionID: String;
 SessionID := GetRandomString(15);
 while GetSession(SessionID, RemoteIP) <> nil do
   SessionID := GetRandomString(15);
 end;    // while
 Result := CreateSession(RemoteIP, SessionID);

Its possible to modify in some part of component to the RemoteIP came void or to the component IdCustomHTTPServer dont use the ip based session?
Thanks so much!

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Is it possible to use Session without cookie-ip base? - by ermesoml - 07-10-2018, 05:59 PM

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