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Is it possible to use new version of Indy 10
Hi, I'm back with a report and a question.

I've created new programs with 10.62 without any problems but, for some reason, I couldn't get it to work on the one program that I really wanted it to work with. On my test computer, I had a perfect copy of the program in question, and new programs, which used indy 10.62, that worked great. I made sure that all of the in both debug and base were identical between the new programs (they worked) and my target program (that didn't). I finally looked at the project file and found, to my amazement, lots of paths that included the old indy (as well as some bizarre references to programs that no longer exist). Knowing that I had a perfect backup of the project file, I edited it to remove all references to the old indy installation as well as the bizarre ones. Voila! The target program now works correctly. What a relief.

Now for the question. I've noticed there is an indy component IdSMTPRelay. I've been using IdSMTP for smtp relay by setting
IdSMTP->Host = "";
I've needed to do this since we do all of our mailing, including bulk email, via gsuite. Is there some advantage to using SMTPRelay instead?

Thanks again

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