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Is it possible to use new version of Indy 10
(01-14-2020, 03:03 AM)OldBob1938 Wrote: I think I got it from via the Fulgan link on the Indy Update Instructions page.   My last copy was 1/6/20.  I just tried to access the latest snapshot and it's no longer available.


(01-14-2020, 03:03 AM)OldBob1938 Wrote: OK, I get it.  But the instructions don't mention the C11/D11 folders and I don't see how the files that are in those folders get to the Rad Studio folders.  How do I get them where they are supposed to be?

You would have to move them manually after compiling is finished. Or, just leave them where they are, and update your IDE search paths to include the C11/D11 folders.

IIRC, later versions of the .BAT files move the compiled files into the IDE's default folders for you (FULLD_2007.BAT copies the compiled .BPL files into the Windows System folder).

(01-14-2020, 03:03 AM)OldBob1938 Wrote: OK again, but for CBuilder, the instructions don't seem to tell me what to do next. I've got the C11/D11 folders full of stuff.  The instructions say that after compiling I should see compiled DCU files in the Indy directory.

.DCU files are typically used with Delphi, not with C++Builder (usless you want to step into Indy's source code with the C++Builder debugger). However, FULLC_2007.BAT deletes the .DCU files after compiling is finished. FULLD_2007.BAT does not.

(01-14-2020, 03:03 AM)OldBob1938 Wrote: I also don't understand about adding the D11 folder to the %path% environment.

Do you not understand what I mean when I refer to %PATH%? If not, then you should read up on what that is.

You don't use the D11 folder with C++Builder, only with Delphi. Use the C11 folder instead with C++Builder. Like I said, for a C++Builder-only installation, you don't need to use FULLD_2007.BAT at all.


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