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Use of IWBootstrap and IW templates

The question I have is using IWBootstrap (TIWBSText) with templates. I'm using IW14 so it's not the new integrated IWBootstrap version from IW15.
I use bootstrap-table and the REST method for loading the table. It's all from templates.

<script type="text/javascript">
// connect dbGrid table to bootstrap-table object
 "classes":"table table-striped table-no-bordered"});
// connect table cell click event handler
$("#DBGRID").off("").on("", function(e, field, value, row) {
 ajaxCall("","&row=", false);

Here the data for the table is fetched from "/$iwbs/DBGRID.dataurl". In the form an eventhandler picks up the request and outputs a json response.
This works if you set TIWServerController.AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser = False. If you set this property to True, the url that is referenced doesn't trigger the eventhandler.
Because I would like a solution that works in both situations I changed the url to "../$iwbs/DBGRID.dataurl" in the template. This works in both situations.

Question: "Is this the correct and preferred way to work with these urls?"

Using IW14.1.3 and Delphi 10.1

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