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Show old Loading.gif from IW-14.0.63

how can we show the old Loading.gif from IW-14.0.63?
The spinning wheel of the old gif was much smaller.
We do not want to change the animation-gif of our existing program.


1.) Where can I get the old Loading.gif?
    Can't find it.
    Can not find the new one either.
2.) In which directory should the file be copied?

3.) I tested in object inspector without success:
    IWServerController.CustomLockerAnimationFile = Loading.gif
       (ComboBox for CustomLockerAnimationFile has no entrys)
    IWServerController.ShowLoadingAnimation = True

Best regards - jorgo

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Show old Loading.gif from IW-14.0.63 - by jorgo2018 - 06-05-2018, 03:08 PM

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