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Pdf download in android browser
(06-15-2022, 02:33 PM)Anto90 Wrote: Hi,
i use a customrestevent in iwbootstrap library (isapi.dll) to download a pdf file from a server. Intraweb version 15.2.48

This is the code

procedure My.BSDownloadAutoDichiarazioneCustomRestEvents0RestEvent(aApplication: TIWApplication; aRequest: THttpRequest; aReply: THttpReply;aParams: TStrings);
  aReply.Headers.Values['Content-Disposition'] := Format('attachment; filename="%s";', [ExtractFileName(NomeFileToDownload)]);
  aReply.SendFile(NomeFileToDownload, True, False);

In chrome and samsung browser add the .html extension to the and i can't open it with the standard adobe reader viewer. (In firefox seems that this does not happen)

In Standalone mode this does not happens.

Thank you for Help



I have resolved by use Webapplication.SendFile('',False) in Async Event. It works as well althought i don't like use it in async event. Is there another method to do better in async event?

 I think use aReply.Headers.Values['Content-Type'] := 'application/pdf' in rest event of iwbsbutton  does not have any effect in isapi.dll. The header is not assigned for the correct download file.

thank you


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