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Intraweb documentation
(04-13-2022, 01:47 PM)JuergenS Wrote: Hi ATOZED,  I have the following question:

Will there be a comprehensive, professional online user manual and an online reference manual for the new version 17 right from the start and not just the year-long reference "work in progress"?
I know that the creation of documentation is always a tiresome topic for software developers and I suffer with you.

But for the application developer, especially for newcomers, documentation is an important aid for familiarization as well as for day-to-day work.
It is certainly also important that documentation should present a topic from the point of view of the application developer and not from the point of view of the framework developer.

Today's software developers are expected to be able to quickly familiarize themselves with a new software environment and then work efficiently with it without much help.
However, no software environment is so self-explanatory that this would be possible without additional documentation.

Current operational problems can be clarified via the ATOZED user forum, which really does an excellent job.
However, the forum is not suitable as an essential source of information because it requires constant and, above all, lengthy observation and only addresses certain topics.
The many examples are certainly a great help, but they do not cover all aspects of a topic and are therefore not suitable as the sole source of information.

Previously I was not a friend of software update subscriptions for various reasons, but today I think that this not only benefits the quality of software development, but also the creation and improvement of documentation.

While the quality of the intraweb software has improved significantly in my opinion over the last few years, the same cannot be said of the documentation.
In the ATOZED forum there is actually nothing useful anymore in terms of documentation, even the ancient IW14 documentation has disappeared.

I wrote this post because I think that many intraweb users are interested in good quality documentation and I would be happy if as many users as possible would also comment on this topic.




without discussing the merit of various of your questions, the most up to date documentation is still our old doc system

Have in mind that it works without a certificate and some browsers like Brave refuse to connect to it.

All this content has been imported and integrated into the new site (under but the importer didn't do a good job in some parts, and some pages are hard to follow and/or lost some information during the process.

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