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Changes in URL encoding/decoding?

since migrating from IW 15.1.15 to 15.2.49 we have noticed that there seems to be a change on how URL parameters are (automatically) decoded when containing non-basic characters. While I did a quick fix for a specific case where '+' was encoded as '%2B', we have discovered another case where users themselves have been able to encode non-English characters in a parameter, e.g. '%C3%B6' for 'ö', where our old code is no longer working. When I look at our code, the parameter values have been accessed either by using WebApplication.RunParams.Values or WebApplication.Request.QueryFields.Values, but in both cases it now seems that characters encodings now appear there without being decoded.

In IW 15.2.49+, what is the correct way of handling URL parameter decoding? Do I need to change some setting or add some code in order to get it to work like before?

Best regards

Magnus Oskarsson 

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