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Safari: No Cookies Notification
(05-25-2018, 07:27 PM)AllBars Wrote: There is something about web development that makes explaining everything so difficult. 

The problem I have is this:

I have a wix website ( which embeds my intraweb app in (presumably) an iFrame - It is just a link to the url of the intraweb app (

In general this works well, in Chrome, Firefox and Edge, going to my app shows as expected.

In safari on mac, iPad, iPhone however it just shows the blank wix page.

The reason is that Safari defaults to 'cookies only for pages I visit' and as the intraweb app is embedded, Safari doesn't think I haven't explicitly visited it, hence, no cookies for you.

If I go directly to it works and subsequently visiting also works fine

In the app I am seeing the "Cookies are disabled in your browser" exception, and I can trap and handle this. But Intraweb isn't returning anything to the browser to indicate that there is something wrong, so I can't work out how to advise the safari user of what to do to fix the problem.

I had thought to just put text on the wix page background, but the Intraweb app is mostly transparent, so doesn't hide the text.

Any ideas?

If you need to use an IW application inside an iframe, disable tracking cookies. They won't work. This is not an IW issue, but a direct consequence of how browsers enforce security.

You just need to disable the session cookie (ServerController.CookieOptions.UseCookies := False). In order to do that you need to enable ServerController.AllowMultipleSessionsPerUser. Once cookies can't be used, IW will use a mix of URL and hidden fields to keep track of your session, that's why you need to enable this option.

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