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Intraweb instantly 'crashes' when above 340 users
Thank you for your remarks.

1.I will try to remove my exception logger (is write in windows logs when an user try to connect, multiple attempts etc).
So, is just when try to login.

2.I will activate CookieOptions.SessionCookies

3. About the number of sessions, i change the session timeout to 30 min and now i do not encounter any problem, but maybe is cumulative, because i remove any parameter set for user sessions in server config and also because the timeout is shorter, also concurrent users goes below 300.
Only one bottleneck remain: session read directly from config file, even still in a critical section on IWserver. I will try to remove that one too.

4. I will try to make a stress test tool myself that pass over login and see if my implementation have any problem.

Thanks again!

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RE: Intraweb instantly 'crashes' when above 340 users - by dabuzu - 12-14-2021, 10:00 AM

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