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SNMP "server" with Indy

I'm looking for a way to add a SNMP "server" capability to an application that already has some TCP client and servers done with Indy and I really prefer keep using Indy to do this.

So, I'm looking for a way to make it happen.

I know there's no SNMP server component on the component pallet, which is the first thing I looked at when I was asked if it was possible.

If you know a robust implementation done with Indy, I will appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

If not, but you have any hint I can use to develop it myself, or if you think is not a good idea based in your experience or deep knowledge of the matter, please let me know your thoughts.

I have to say I'm still in a early research stage for this, assessing the paths I can take to implement it.

I don't have any previous experience with SNMP, and I will include acquiring the needed depth of knowledge over the protocol needed to reach my goal, so please forgive me if I'm asking for something with an obvious response.

As I have some previous experience with other standard and custom protocols (in general and with Indy), both server and client side, I hope I'm not totally lost.

Any hints are highly appreciated.


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