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TIWjQDBGrid onSelectRow selection status
I am exploring the recently added TIWjQDBGrid component, and find it quite useful.

But I can not figure out how to obtain the selected row selection status when the row is re-clicked to unselect without rewriting/adding some custom javascript.

The thing needed was to add 'status' to the javascript code and call an additional function passing the 'status' value through a separate callback.

$("#grid_MYGRID").jqGrid({...onSelectRow:function(rowid,status,e){exMyGridSelectRow(rowid, status); return MYGRID_onSelectRow(rowid,e);}

Is it possible to let IW 15 also render js to return the 'status' parameter in the callback EventParams in future versions or is there any other way to aquire the row selection status in the current version?

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