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How to using URL parameters within the same session
(05-19-2018, 05:16 AM)davenovo Wrote: Hi Dan,

Unless I am missing something you have to register the content handler with a fixed URL. At least in the example And there are a fixed number of content handlers registered.  I am making a small CMS. The user can add pages, remove pages, rename pages at any time. Thus, it has to be dynamic somehow. I dont know in advance what pages are going to exist. To make it more complex, each user has their own private pages/public pages. So I cannot just register all the pages.

So if I understand, you are going to show static pages from your TForm pages but you want to retain the session.  You can go to static pages, but it effectively "leaves" the application.   Is that what you are trying to do?

If so, you can catch the parameter then use webapplication.TerminateAndRedirect(sTheURL), but that will terminate your session.  

If you do not wish to terminate your session then I'd suggest that you load another TForm based on the parameter.  That new TForm can be one you build on the fly (I do this a lot) or maybe one with a container that will hold your target static page.

There may be some tricks you can use to go to a static page, then return to your session (if you don't use multi-session), but I don't think it would be very reliable.  It's a lot better to have continuous IW session forms.

Sorry if I'm not understanding exactly what you are trying to do.


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