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Multiple forms using a single procedure
That's what I thought as well. But the methods available are only those associated with TIWAppForm, not any that I've declared. Normally I would expect that if I declare a public procedure in iwform1, like "procedure Adjust(s: string);", and somewhere in iwform1 there is
"Procedure TIWform1.Adjust(s: string);
that I can call it in iwform2 via "iwform1.Adjust('dog');" Indeed, in plain Delphi, typing just "form1." triggers code completion to list the available procedures and functions. Doing that in my Intraweb app only shows the tiwappform procedures like "SetURL" and gives an error if I enter "iwform1.Adjust('dog');".
I apologize if this is still not clear or that it's a case of some simple setting that "everybody knows".

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