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Indy 10 + OpenSSL: error:140A90F1:lib(20):func(169):reason(241)
First of all, many thanks for your reply!

"Why are you using TIdHTTP across thread boundaries?"

I have Delphi Datasnap server application which is using a plugin-dll written on FPC (Lazarus). Both of them are using Indy and open SSL to download pictures from web server and consume data form REST Api. May be it is something related with Windows Dll handling (when host app and plugin DLL used one and the same openSSL dll's Windows provide the same dll handlers). For sure When I call method for picture download for second time it raises the exception described above and it SSL_CTX_new(SSLMethod); returns "nill".

When I am not using plugin library the problem does not exists.

May be the better solution will be (if it is possible of course) to pass a openssl dll handlers from the host app to a plugin library and to tell to Indy in plugin dll  to use it instead of  load /unload open all. This (may be) will fix the case?

I had the similar case with firebird fbclient.dll, in the same aspect. When my host app with Firedac and fb driver calls a plugin library (also written in fpc which uses fbconnection and TSQLQuery) , the plugin dll unloads a fbclient.dll and this causes hosapp to raise internal exception. 

I will try to modify and test how this will works.

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