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JQDBGrid not working. What am I missing ?
Hi Guys,

I have (finally installed 10.4 Sidney and IW 15.2.10 and have made a simple test project (Stand Alone) to try out the IWJQDBGrid. Apart from putting components onto the unit1.form, the only property I have changed in the default files, is the ComInitalization in ServerController, which I have set to ciMultiTheraded.

On the unit1. form I have added an ADOConnection, an AdoQuery, a Datasource, a IWDBGrid and a IWJQDBGrid. Adoconnection is pointing to a local SQLEXpress database, and the table Varer (Items in Danish). I'v connected all components and added the SQL statement "select  varenr, varenavn from varer", and in the forms OnShow event, I execute AdoQuery.Open.

That's all. I'v attached a copy of the result screen (test1.jpg), where the top grid is the IWDBGrid, and the below is the IWJQDBGrid.

I hope someone can tell me what it is I'm missing, since the IWJQDBGrid is just saying Loading, where the IWDBGrid is showing the rows of the table.

I'v attached a zip file with all files in the project, except the exe-file.


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