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Content handlers
I am currently developing a multi-form app using templates. In my master template, I've got the following:

<div class="vertical-menu">
  <a href="/dashboard/">Dashboard</a>
  <a href="/profile/">Profile</a>
  <a href="/leaves/">Leaves</a>

In my ServerController under the initialization section:

  THandlers.Add('', '/dashboard/', TContentForm.Create(TDashboardForm));
  THandlers.Add('', '/profile/', TContentForm.Create(TProfileForm));
  THandlers.Add('', '/leaves/', TContentForm.Create(TLeavesForm));

1. Would this be a better approach compared to explicitly creating the form? 
2. When the TContentForm.Create(<formclass>) is called, does it release the previously-opened form?
3. Is the TContentForm.Create(<formclass>) instantiated in the context of the UserSession?

Hope this makes sense.

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