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(05-23-2020, 08:58 PM)kudzu Wrote: For images you need to upload.

However bad image format usually means you are trying to load x86 into x64 or vice versa. Most .NET assemblies are "ANY" which means either, but some assemblies that have native connections are platform specific.

As you said you created the assembly, is it something other than ANY for platform type, and if so is there a need for such? If so which is it? x86 or x64?

It should be x64.  I have compiled it in Visual Studio with both x64 and "any CPU" and it does not work.

I am trying to setup a new computer, which is where I am encountering the problem, with the following

Delphi Community edition 10.3.3
Crosstalk 2.0.30
Visual Studio 2019
(Also the drive is an M.2 drive)

I have an old computer where it works without issues.  It is configured differently though.

Delphi Enterprise 10.2
Crosstalk 2.0.30
Visual Studio 2017

Even if I copy the assembly from the old computer (where it works) to the new computer I still get the error.

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