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ERROR: AV's and the parameter is incorrect
Hi Guys,

After much developing, today it was finally time to have multi users testing the multiform application. A number of errors came up, mostly "Access Violation" but also many of them relating to

Error reading IWButton1.Picture.Data: System Error.  Code: 87. The parameter is incorrect .
In the errorllog the last executed line is: System.Classes.HandleException (Line 11150, "System.Classes.pas" + 5) + $47

Access Violation errors shown was (last executed line from the errorlog):

AV: System.Classes.TList.Get (Line 4927, "System.Classes.pas" + 3) + $3
AV: Vcl.Graphics.DeselectBitmap$qqrp9HBITMAP__ (Line 7155, "Vcl.Graphics.pas" + 6) + $A
AV: IWContainer.TIWContainerImplementation.get_IWComponentsCount (Line 713, "IWContainer.pas" + 0) + $0
AV: System.@FillChar$qqrpvic (Line 12064, "System.pas" + 3) + $0

I have ServerController properties set as follows:
Cominitialization = ciMultiThreaded
Cookieoptions.UseCookies = true
Cookieoptions.SessionCookies = true
Sessionoptions.UniqueUrl = true
Showstartparams = true

Can anybody tell me what is wrong, and if possible explaining why it happens and what to do to try to resolve the problems, please.


Added after post: I forgot to mention that during development time, even with multiple session in tabs in the browser, I have not had ANY of the above errors. It is as if they are multiuser related in some way, but as I do not know, I am just guessing. And I have tested both on my development machine (using Cassini) and after uploading to server, running it as a SA HTTP.SYS service. Both locally and server based at the same time, and using both Edge ans IE11 at the same time.

Could it be access to the location on the server ? If it is looking for the wwwroot dir in the location of the exe-file, should the users have rights to access that directory ?

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ERROR: AV's and the parameter is incorrect - by SorenJensen - 02-04-2020, 12:21 PM

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