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Getting "Invalid page context" exceptions after upgrade to 15.1.12
Thanks for your feedback Kudzu. Still, if it was possible like for IW 15.1.13 and 15.1.14 it would be great. We cannot build CGDevTools from source at the moment I am afraid, we tried to set it up fairly recently but it was non-trivial and we run into problems we could not solve on our own. It will probably require consulting from CGDevTools, but that it is hard to get at the moment as the company unfortunately currently seems to have other priorities than the jQuery UI/Mobile packages for IntraWeb. In light of this it is definitely our goal to set up the components with source code, but with many pressing matters and the current support situation it will be difficult to do so in the nearest future.

Best regards

Magnus Oskarsson

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RE: Getting "Invalid page context" exceptions after upgrade to 15.1.12 - by magosk - 02-19-2020, 05:48 PM

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