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Tab order issues mixing CG and IW components
Hi there.  I searched through and found other threads on this subject but nothing that really assists my situation.

I have Delphi 10.2.3 and IW15.1.7 installed.  In the designer I set the CG and IW tabs to the order I want but at run-time, there seems to be an order of CG and an order of IW that can be a bit random at times and pressing the tab at run time jumps around on the screen depending on the mix of field types.

In the designer or IDE, when I go into tab order, only CG fields are listed in this and never IW.  This appears to be the issue.  Is there a way to turn on the tab order in the designer for IW components so then the mix of components at run-time are rendered in the correct order?

If I have a region that is only CG or only IW, then all is fine at run-time and I can tab from field to field in the order I have set in tab order.  Only in a mix of field types does this odd issue surface.

I am just questioning here in this forum since I cannot get the IW components to list in the taborder tool in the IDE suggesting an IW issue.  I have worked around the issue for a while but the client noticed now for an area that I cannot work around and have to resolve this issue now.


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Tab order issues mixing CG and IW components - by bob9999 - 01-22-2020, 04:25 PM

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