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Weird session form overlay issue and memory leaks
Hi there.  I have a really weird thing occurring in my project (IW15.1.7) that I wanted to post here to see if there is something wrong in the way the session state is kept or something I need to use a different approach or command for.

The form that I have been able to replicate the issue with is an AsyncClick event off of a IWImageButton.  The form blinks and is like the form is reloaded.  Then when I click on the button again, the new form is loaded (that is all this button is doing is just loading a new form) but the old form stays on the screen and the new one displays as well.  All components are active and needless to say this is all rather confusing.  Then I click on the refresh button and then the new form reloads without the old form there.  

The other situation that is occurring that I cannot recreate (user just keeps running into this and complaining) is that I am on an existing customer form and all seems OK.  Then I click on a button the same way (except this button is just a IWButton) and the new form loads 100%.  Then when I click on the new customer button, this original form loads but will keep fields filled in rather than being blank from the beginning form that was loaded that started this situation.  I tried to initialize the fields programatically just in case and in design the fields are all blank of course.  I have traced all logic paths and cannot seem to find the issue so I am thinking something is occurring in the session layer like the situation above.

Situation 1 is like the async event is uninterrupted and the same form is just stuck.  Then when click the button again it then overlays over the previous form instead of loading sovereign

Situation 2 seems to be that the form is not loading sovereign and has an image from the last time it was loaded.  I am going to review the data feed just in case but why would the fields still be displaying data when they are loaded fresh like this?  

The way I load new forms is:

So the old form should be released from session and memory but somehow there is a shadow kept from before.  By the way, I have not posted this issue yet but there seems to be some sort of memory leak over time and I suspect this release command is not 100% releasing forms from memory.  Over time my service gets too high in RAM usage and I have to restart the service.


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