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New demo: IWGrid + DataTables (and almost no code)

We've been asked to create a demo showing how to use a IWGrid with DataTables ( So here is the online version:

Souce code in our git hub demo repo (link in the online demo)

Please notice that there is almost no code. All code is basically loading the grid from any data source (in that case we load it from a ClientDataSet, but it could be from any source, of course).

The server hosting this demo itself shows another interesting feature of how IW http.sys applications work: Several IW applications running as independent services using the same port (80). (you can see another demo app running in )

Enjoy  Big Grin

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New demo: IWGrid + DataTables (and almost no code) - by Alexandre Machado - 01-18-2020, 10:21 PM

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