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Leap year coding issue (perhaps)
Intraweb 15.0.23
FastReports 5.0
TMS Intraweb PRO Components
Raize 6.2.1

Has anybody encountered a leap year issue while using IncYear function for dates.

I have a problem where if the start date is 12/30/19 or 12/31/2019 and I use the  IncYear function to auto populate the end date to 12/30/2020 or 12/31/2020 then the application does not submit. Dates before and after work fine i.e 12/29/2019 and 01/01/2020 get the end date and the application submits the users request.

I have tested it several times and end up with the same results. Appreciate any hekp I can get. For now we are handling these situations manually but I'm intrigued by this situationa dn the only thing I can think would cause this problem would be that 2020 is a leap year.



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