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(01-09-2020, 08:00 PM)joelcc Wrote:
(01-07-2020, 07:39 AM)petrsoft Wrote: Hello, I'm new in IW for Delphi. I'm starting using IW 15.11 and deploying new application for web. I tried to create new object , which has object TIWAppForm as descendant. It worked fine , but anther day after restarting Delphi this new form  was changed to normal VCL form. I had found some discussion about this in case of object TIWFrame , but it was long time ago in older versions IW. So as is it possible make object TIWAppForm as descendant ? I have DElphi 10.2 Tokyo Prof .
Thank you for any suggest to leading to solution .

To use inheritance just open the .dfm file and make sure the form is set to inherited.

Like this

inherited fmCompany: TfmCompany
Hello, it was a long journey to follow your idea, but I made it in the end. Thank you very, Bye Jaroslav

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