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ISAPI DLL C++ Builder Question
(12-29-2019, 01:14 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Hi Shane!

So, if I understood correctly, NexusDB MM is not being used, correct?

My other question is: why do you call ExitProcess() yourself? IIS working process (w3wp.exe) is the one responsible for terminating your DLL in a controlled way. ExitProcess() bypasses the most of the finalization code and there is no way to guarantee that the application will terminate correctly.
Howdy Alexandre!

I am NOT using the NexusDB memory manager but since I link in NexusDB components, they do.

If I don't call ExitProcess(0) from within my DLL Detach event, my IW ISAPI DLL will EAccessError in the NexusDB cleanup code. Most of the time IIS will recover my app, other times it will not. 

By my using ExitProcess(), it seems IIS ALWAYS recovers!

All the best,


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