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ISAPI DLL C++ Builder Question
Howdy All!

First, I hope everyone and their families have had a WONDERFUL and SAFE holidays!

I have a problem with my statically linked IW ISAPI DLL.

When the ISAPI dll is unloaded, after all else is released, I get an EAccessError on the final unload of the DLL in the exit code (Delphi).

I know what is causing the issue as I have had the same issue in my statically linked EXEs over the years: NexusDB memory manager. 

NexusDB has stated that the NexusDB memory manager is only meant to be linked with 'Use Packages' in C++ Builder which is a BAD idea for my customers (and thus my sanity). I can't not use the NexusDB memory manager because it is used by NexusDB.

In my EXEs, I just call ExitProcess() in my main form's deconstructor after I know I have closed all connections and released all other resources I use.

Does anyone know how to do an equivalent when the DLL gets a DLL_PROCESS_DETACH message?

Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!


P.S. Update it turns out that ExitProcess(1) works out well in the DLL_PROCESS_DETACH also!

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