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Webservice demo ?
Hi Guys,

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have had some nice holidays.

I just completed a SOAP Webservice example with Server and Client, and are now wondering if there are any similar demo projects around, to use with IntraWeb.

I have a Windows program running on remote units around the world, which connects to my database (MS SQL) using a SOAP Webservice. The WebService is an MS SQL End-point, consisting of a number of stored procedures all added to an endpoint and published as a HTTP.SYS Webservice on the SQL 2008 server. The system is about 10 years old.

After updating to SQL 2017, endpoints is discontinued, so to make it work again, I'll have to create my own SOAP Webservice to repond to requests from the remote clients. I want the WebService server to reside as a stand alone application, like my IntraWeb SA application, on the MS SQL server, without depending on IIS or other page provider.

That's why I am looking for a demo showing how I can be done. Anybody know where I should look ?

NB! The above mentioned test also runs on my SQL server as an EXE file and it responds nicely to requests from the client on my workstation, so I could probably use it, but currently the appl is running as a visual windows program. A solution could be to make it run like a service.


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