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Event to authorize access to IW forms
(11-25-2019, 03:33 AM)DanBarclay Wrote: Luiz,

I do it a little differently.  It's a little more overhead, but I have a function that launches forms using the target form name as a parameter.

If a form isn't supposed to launch, I can launch a substitute from the same procedure.

There is a little more overhead, but not enough to matter.  You can request a new form from your procedure, do testing and create exception behavior in a consistent way, before a new form is even requested from IW.

Note that using the form name as the parameter is arbitrary.  It could as easily be a number but using the name constant makes it more readable for me.

The details of how you do that might be different, but the idea of doing your testing/branching before IW even knows what form you want might simplify things for you.


Dan, but what happend if the user is not cliciking a button to access your form.
Let's suppose the user type the page URL  right into browser.
In this case, I have no way to check credentials of the user.

How do you take care of it?


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