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Session is already locked.
This is not an error. It is a (handled) exception that IW raises to break a second request targeting the same session.

Let's say you have a button in your form which triggers a long lasting process, for instance a long report. Let's say it takes 2 minutes to generate the report.
After 30 seconds waiting the user decides to press ENTER in the address bar (thinking that it will make it generate the response faster....). This will trigger another request to the same session. But the session is busy generating the response for the first request. After (Default time) 30 seconds IW will break this request. You can control this timeout via ServerController.SessionOptions.LockSessionTimeout. You can increase the value if you wish.

I've noticed that you don't have a stack trace on your error log.

Please refer to this document :

Double check if Debug information is checked in both COMPILER AND LINKER options!

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Session is already locked. - by Mikael Nilsson - 11-08-2019, 12:58 PM
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