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OSC commands with numbers
Thank you, Remy. At least as far as the X32 software simulator is concerned, adding the 8 bit text encoding gives the correct response. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to test on the actual mixer in the theater.
A byte array might be better if we had control of both ends of the communication. As it is, I can't change the X32 and it wants to get a padded string (in Hex: 2F 63 68 2F 30 31 2F 6D 69 78 2F 66 61 64 65 72 00 00 00 00 2C 66 00 00 3E CC CC CD)  for the text string "/ch/01/mix/fader ,f .4". The documentation of messages the X32 responds to is a long table of similar messages with different parameters. e.g. "/ch/01/mix/mute on", "/bus/1/dyn/ratio ,i 2", etc. This is all in accordance with the Open Sound Control protocol.

As always, you are the definitive source of Indy wisdom, so, thank you. I'll edit this note after my results with the actual device.
Edit: Confirmed that the addition of 8 bit text encoding to the Send command works with the X32. Cheers! A couple questions as a result of this: 1) Is one send construct preferred over the other? 2) Where should I have read/learned more about these details of Indy?
Thanks again.

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