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Distinct PC Users using IW App
As Shane indicated, you can pretty easily limit the number of sessions. I put in that ability, just count the sessions (see the Session List demo) and terminate a new session if the count is over a limit.

You can also limit to explicit users by creating an "authorizing cookie". It's a fairly lightweight process because it's not foolproof. In your app, create a form that allows someone to "stamp" a machine as authorized by placing an encrypted cookie. If the cookie doesn't exist on normal session start then terminate the session. However, if the user has more than one browser then each browser has its own cookie store, so authorizing in Firefox wouldn't let them use the app with Chrome.

But, you actually asked about limiting to distinct PC's. That's more difficult since browsers like to deny access to identifying info. Someone here may have a solution to that, but I don't. I suppose one option would be to look for unique IP's but that would only work locally (not behind a router). I'm curious as well. If you do come up with something, let us know here.


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