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Bring to Front and Send to Back problem
Hi All,
I have a region which covers the same screen area as another (larger) region.
At design I use the EDIT menu points Bring to front and Send to back, to be able to see and change the contents of the covered areas.
At runtime I expected to be able to execute the region methods BringToFront and SendToBack, to decide which to be on top.
But the commands IWRegion1.BringToFront and IWRegion1.SendToBack do not change anything. They seem not to work.
Only by toggling the covered region's Visible property, can I make it appear. And then of course only when I have left the region on the front, when I compiled the program. If I left it on the back, it does not show.
I've made a small test program with 2 regions and 4 buttons to show the problem, and I've included the source code as attachment. No exe-file included though. You have to compile it yourself. The buttons events are the OnClick but it makes no difference if it is the OnAsyncClick events.
I use Delphi 10.3.2 Rio and IW 15.1.5.
Can I do anything to make it work ?

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Bring to Front and Send to Back problem - by SorenJensen - 10-09-2019, 07:29 AM

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